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Honest Riches...Is it Really Honest Money Making Guide?

Have you have ever dreamed of being financially secure, had enough money to splash out on a new car, or treat your family to a holiday somewhere nice?

In the world of internet marketing e-books, many names come to my mind. The Rich Jerk. Neil Shearing. OK, too many names are in my mind and I am not going to list them all.

The point is that there are many people out there writing How to make money guides for those that are new to marketing products on the internet, or Newbies. I recently found such a title from Holly Mann, of Thank You Rich Jerk .

Thank You Rich Jerk starts off with a short introduction to how Holly started her online venture. This introduction is a testimony to showing that willpower and positive state of mind can overcome difficult circumstances.

Here is a quick breakdown of the chapters in her book:

Chapter 1 Affiliate Marketing
Chapter 2 Product Reviews
Chapter 3 Website Design
Chapter 4 Improving Website Content
Chapter 5 Pay Per Click (PPC)
Chapter 6 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Chapter 7 Improving Website Ranking
Chapter 8 Website Stats and Tracking
Chapter 9 Using Lists and Automation
Chapter 10 Advertising Your Website
Chapter 11 Press Releases
Chapter 12 Dropshipping and Wholesalers
Chapter 13 EBay Advertising

With Thank You Rich Jerk , One has the opportunity to get a completely free professional business website; fully-loaded and setup by Holly and her web developers. The administration panel will do all of the work of setting up the website for us and getting it online and live.

One can have an easy-to-use Admin Panel which helps to add, edit and change all of the functions, features, links, text, photos and ads. It is FULLY Customizable in the administration panel.

Moreover we can also have over 88+ professionally designed website templates to choose from. With the click of a button, the entire sites design will change and that does not interfere with all of the text and links that are already present.

One thing that I liked about this course was that the author puts a lot of focus into free marketing techniques. She shows you how to build a website for free, and spends a good deal of time showing you free methods to get traffic to it.

All the basics of affiliate marketing , blogging, and SEO are all here as well as a chapter on drop shipping and wholesalers. Everything was explained pretty well in this e-book although you do get what you pay for.

Money Making Secrets Revealed is pretty basic. If you already have experience you are going to know a lot of whats in this course.

SPECIAL!!! Free SEO Article Marketing Guide with over 250 directories to submit to help gain high search engine ranking is included in the e-book.

Compared to the Rich Jerk e-Book, this book pays more attention to affiliate marketing, website design/content/stat tracking, and advertising. While it does not offer the variety of different methods to make money online, it does delve deeper into Affiliate Marketing and creating a web site of your own.

There are good and bad points to this. The good is that you get a tremendous amount of in-depth information as well as helpful links and tips.

The bad is that if you are looking for varied forms of income to make money online, this book focuses on fewer avenues while providing basic information and some helpful tips for other forms of online income. Moreover it Slightly US biased (only in the eBay wholesale section).

This is probably the best e-Book for anyone starting out trying to make money online. Before you invest in compartmentalized books about AdSense or AdWords, or Pay-per-click advertising, I suggest going through Hollys book with a fine toothed comb and gleaning as much information out as possible.

Put her information into practice and watch your business grow. In terms of bang for the buck, this is an exceptional deal. For $27, I am not sure there is a better investment one could make. As much as I liked The Rich Jerk e-Book, Hollys is step above and costs less.

In conclusion, Holly Manns e-Book contains excellent material, possibly better than The Rich Jerks. Like the Rich Jerks it cuts out all the filler, and leaves you with the facts.

The actual content is much the same The Rich Jerks, but is presented in an clear, and un obnoxious way.

I highly recommend "Thank You Rich Jerk". And I must be one of THE most skeptical human beings alive. This young woman has really hit the nail on the head with this one.

Be warned however, this is not a get rich quick scheme (no such thing exists). Do not expect to read the book, and wake up a millionaire, it will act as a springboard for your ideas, which you can develop, using the strategies into working and profitable online businesses.Cher K Markov writes reviews on e-books and online income opportunities and Internet marketing systems ataffiliate marketingand http://onlinedownloads.wordpress.com

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