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Camry Hybrid 50th Anniversary Edition to hit Showrooms in March

Toyota has been successfully doing business in the US for almost 50 years. In connection with their celebration of their 50th year of operations in the United States auto jungle, they will be producing a limited number of Camry Hybrid units which will be sent out on sale March. The said Camry Hybrid will boast of features which are not present on any other production Camry. The company may have chosen to produce a Camry in their celebration of 50 years of business in the United States because the Camry is their best selling car in their lineup. The fact that they are producing a hybrid shows where the company is headed and this can be compared to a Volvo turn signal which shows where the car is heading - the hybrid shows that Toyota is dedicated to producing environment friendly cars in the future.

Some of the features that the Camry Hybrid 50th Anniversary Edition will have are a new and stunning paint color and a unique set of wheels. The Camry Hybrid will sport a Blizzard Pearl paint which makes it looks cool and stylish. It will also sport 16-inch alloy wheels with a graphite finish and it looks like the set of wheels increase the already high aesthetic value of the car. The cars will also sport 50th Anniversary Edition badges that will not appear on any other models. To further add to the sophistication of the car, a power moonroof is provided. Heated power outside mirrors is also part of the package.

Aside from the fuel efficiency that hybrids are known for, another good selling point for the Camry Hybrid 50th Anniversary Edition is its luxurious interior. The inside of the Camry Hybrid is trimmed in leather and this in itself gives the interior of the car a luxurious feel to it. The special edition Camry will be equipped with a voice-activated DVD navigation system to provide great entertainment for its occupants. The DVD player has a four-disc changer capability. The front seats of the Camry are heated for the driver and front passenger's comfort. The Camry also has a carpeted cargo mat, brushed stainless dash, illuminated front door sills, and carpeted floor mats with yet the 50th Anniversary Edition logo emblazoned on it.

The Camry Hybrid is already one of the most popular choices for city dwellers, thanks to its real great fuel economy. Not only is its fuel economy the reason why people opt for the Camry Hybrid. The car has a good handling and suspension system, thanks to the design of the frame and the body of the car. With a wide array of safety features, the Camry is also a top choice for those who are looking for safety features when buying a car. And with the upcoming production of this special edition car, the public will surely welcome the release of the vehicle.

These special edition vehicles will be manufactured at Toyota's Kentucky assembly plant. Only 3,000 units of the vehicles will be produced which will give the model a higher value in the market. Toyota has placed a $31,680 price tag on the 50th Anniversary Edition vehicles.

The release of the Camry Hybrid to celebrate the 50th year of Toyota doing business in the US shows that in the future they will be providing more energy efficient cars for the public. With the success of Toyota for the past 50 years in the US, they have overtaken Chrysler as the third largest car manufacturer in the US and they are even poised to take over the number two spot from Ford. They are also quickly closing the gap between them and General Motors which currently claims the spot of being the largest car manufacturer in the world.Glady Reign is a 32 year old is a consultant for an automotive firm based in Detroit, Mi. she is a native of the motor city and grew up around cars hence her expertise in the automotive field. You can visitVolvo turn signalfor more information.

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