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Is my job making me sick?

Let me make this simple. I work full time @ Home Depot because I became ill and had to drop out of college. I was in college long before working @ Depot.

My question is do you think that with all the chemicals and stuff they sell in that store that it could be causing some type of allergy reaction. My main symptoms are mucus, weakness in limbs, brain fog, yellow spots in my vision and ringing in my left ear.

I have been tested for EVERYTHING else by my doctor for the past year and a half and all levels are normal. They are at an a complete awe.

Do you think Home Depot is causing my mysterious illness?

Thanks ;) '

Hi Chris. That is very possible. Think back, did all this start happening after you started working there? If your answer is yes, i think you just answered your own question. Some people can be very sensitive to chemicals, and since you're probably around them on a regular basis, they could be affecting you somehow. Hope you feel better soon. Take care.

Thick Yellow Fog Engulfs Wuhan, China - June 11, 2012

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