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Switch Safety Is Essential For Your Protection

As a significant part of our daily lives, electricity is used for all our power needs and yet, something we rarely think about. However, safely distributing power to homes is what electrical companies think about all the time, striving to find solutions and products that will keep your home functioning safely, even when there is no-one at home.

Safety Switches
Safety switches are used for motor disconnects for LOTO (lock-out, tag-out) applications as well as service entrance and branch circuit protection.

1. General duty switches for commercial applications, as well as residential switch safety, include the following:

• Fusible – Cartridge Fuse : offers quality safety and function features. One is the interlocking mechanism which prevents access while the switch is ON with clearly visible ON/OFF indicators. Padlocks with double and triple locking capabilities for extra safety.

• Fusible – plug fuse : features NEMA 1 enclosures to manually open or close a circuit, providing over current protection through installed plug fuses. Available n single or double pole, the have a door with a bottom hinge, toggle handle that is center operated and a clearly visible ON/OFF indicator.

• Non-Fusible : Switch safety is provided by a manual function to connect and disconnect load coming from source, they are load break rated.

Heavy Duty

These switches are used for industrial, commercial and institutional applications where service and performance reliability are critical.

Double Throw
Switch safety is achieved by switches known as double throw, with two interlocking switches on the same connection.
These are available in :

General duty double throw – a neutral kit is installed for manual use suitable for service entrance use.

Heavy Duty Double-Throw – to transfer power to an alternate source from a normal one.

Heavy duty quick connect – a quick and safe way to connect generators safely to facilities.

Auxiliary Power
This Cutler-Hammer series of heavy duty safety switch provides contractors with alternatives to using separate 120V circuits to rooftops or to locations where receptacle outlets are required.

Where reliable, safe and efficient power with switch safety is most needed, knowledge of electrical power and management across varied industries is essential. Look for experts to deliver solutions that are customized with state of the art products. A top class company makes dedication to customers their top priority.

Ensure that your residential or commercial property is covered by a company that offers the best in switch safety to protect your family and your staff.

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